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Teatro infantil en inglés


Profesor       Ricardo Ull

Horario         Miércoles de 17:30 a 19h

Precio           40€/mes  (matricula 30€)

* Pago único anual: matricula gratuita y 5% descuento

** Pago trimestral: matricula gratuita

*** Descuento especial para antiguo alumnos



Welcome on board!

Are you ready for new adventures? Of course, you are! What is going to happen once we get in the classroom today? Splassshhh, clap, clap, clap, screech, slap... Surprise!

We can be whatever we want! We can be pirates or witches with cats! We can be little elves, faires or butterflies! We can go to the jungle or swim with dolphins and sharks!

Because all that we need is to laugh and laugh, we are going to try to make everybody smile! Who can join us on our magic ship? All those kids who love to run, jump and even fly! We are going to: make new friends, dance, sing, imagine new worlds, travel without going out of Totart, and play funny games all the time.

You don't have to worry about the English question, because you will understand everything easily. We are here to play all together, to become a team, so we never let anyone behind 🙂

We are playing, singing and having fun all the time. Before you notice it you will see that you have learnt a lot of English while you were enjoying in Totart!
About me:

I have a degree on English Translation. I am an English teacher who loves to teach through games, songs and role-playing activities. This is the method that I use in the different schools and academies where I work. Kids don't just sit down and listen. Kids move, dance, jump, speak and laugh. They learn expressions and vocabulary because they can hear them in class. In few weeks, they are able to use them to talk and express their feelings and their own ideas.

The most important thing for me is they feel comfortable and enjoy the class, because when they children feel self-confident, they can get everything.


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